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Tighten the wheel nuts while the car is still rested on the Jack

My car’s tyre burst day before, thanks to a pothole on the speed lane! I replaced the tyre with a spare and drove to a garage near to my office where I bought a new tyre. While replacing the tyre on the spare rim with the new one, the garage mechanic gave me an important tip.

After mounting the wheel, he asked me to apply the brakes and he tightened the wheel nuts while the car was still rested on the Jack. This way the wheel and the nuts get fixed properly. If the wheel nuts are tightened after taking out the Jack, there is a possibility that the nuts might get loosened which will result in a definite hazard since the wheel can come out while driving!

Tip for quickly learning to drive

The most important tip you can give a friend who’s learning to drive a car is to lift his/her heel off the floor while pressing and releasing the clutch instead of sticking the heel to the floor.

Generally, newbies tend to stick their heel to the floor because of which they find it difficult to release the clutch and eventually to drive the car.

The moment they get this tip, they will quickly learn to drive. They can rest their heel on the floor when they aren’t operating the clutch.

Walk up to the Water Dispenser

I am starting my Tumblr Blog by posting some invaluable advice that I got from an Ophthalmologist.

She advised me not to stock up water at my work desk and to walk to the water dispenser at regular intervals to drink water!

This way, I would take a break from constantly looking into my PC and would burn a few calories as well :)